Dena Hawes

La Promesa de Magia

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Still Point Theatre 01

La Beneficencia Cultural Center, Valencia, Spain

This performance installation was a collaboration with Spanish artist Francisco Felipe. It was based on the power of thought and mindfulness as a catalyst for change. Before arriving in Spain to do this project, Francisco and I had agreed that the point of departure for the project would be to raise ecological consciousness around the present condition of the earth. Together, we made a layered sound track of the sounds of the forest: the wind, the birds, flowing water, etc. and throughout the entire sound track was the sound of someone breathing deeply, as a person breathes who is sleeping and dreaming.

We constructed a raft that stretched the full length of the 40' floor. The raft operated as a metaphoric vehicle that shifts between conscious and unconscious space. From an unidentifiable source, we played our sound scape of the sounds of the forest and breathing. When the viewer walked into our space, it seemed as though the room itself was breathing. Here, we are the dreamers, projecting a dream of abundance and hope for the earth, surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

At night, after the gallery had closed, we roamed around the old barrio district of the city, wearing our soundscape under our clothing. As we passed by others walking along the streets they would hear the sounds of the forest, sky and water, and perhaps the experience would trigger a memory they had of being in a natural environment. This was our way of bringing back to the urban space what once was there—using the subtle gesture of sound to raise awareness concerning the condition of the earth.

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