Dena Hawes

Eleven Projects: 1993 – 1998

Dena Hawes

1. Eve's Tattoo, 1999

2. Eve: A True Story, 1998

3. Last Day on Earth, 1997

4. An Acute Awareness to the Magnetic Pull, 1996

5. La Promesa de Magia, 1996

As to Create a Third, 1995

As to Create a Third, 1995

7. In Between One and Fifty, 1995

8. Spirit of Hope, 1995

9. Prognostic Casualty/Arbitrary Birth, 1994

10. Conscious Dreaming: A Rewritten History, 1993

11. Watch Out, 1993

My work explores a range of issues including that of human vulnerability by using metaphors that represent varying states of vulnerability and degrees of openness. Some of my work suggests conditions that could allow for an individual or group to drop their armor, guard, and or agenda in the service of opening up a dialogue or form of visual communication that is potentially altering.

Other issues include self-authorship or the process of re-writing personal history. History has shown us that personal stories can transform into collective stories, and can inform and affect collective identity.

The overall intent of my personal work and my collaborative work is to focus on humans as the one species on earth with the ability to consciously and collectively choose an evolutionary path. I agree with some of the writings of Joseph Campbell that discuss societal and cultural evolution, and how it must not be left to chance—that we can and must collectively exercise a conscious and purposeful plan.

Hanging By a Thread, 2009

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